St George Utah Property

Growing as fast as it does and with all the acclaims that are lauded to it, it is no wonder that there is a great desire for St George, Utah property. Situated on the edges of the Mojave Desert and with a history that is all its own, the town of St George would be an attractive destination for many people. It boasts its own university and plenty of schools with even more being planned as the city bursts at the seams and keeps on growing. But the city is not just an attractive destination for new families, senior citizens also like the city as a prime place to spend their retirement. With the beautiful surroundings, it is no wonder.

St George is the part of and also the principal city of the Utah Metropolitan Statistical Area. St George is also the county seat of Utah’s Washington County. It has a population of just fewer than 120,000 people as of 2005 and is the second fastest growing metropolitan area in the United States. The city keeps growing and more and more St George, Utah property is being made available for the tide of people that are moving to the city. St George is only 119 miles from the famous Las Vegas and 303 miles from Salt Lake City, the capitol of Utah. The city is surrounded by natural splendor and offers many beautiful sights to both inhabitants and visitors.

St George was founded in 1850’s as a cotton mission by the then president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; Brigham Young. He hoped that the cotton farming would help to make the church self-sufficient. The cotton could never be produced at a competitive market rate, however, and was abandoned but the city that had sprung up because of it was not. A landmark date in the city’s history is April 1877 when the first temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was completed in the city. At the time it was the church’s third temple and the first temple built in the Rocky Mountains. Today it is the longest continually operating temple in the United States. With such a rich history it is no wonder that there is a demand for St George, Utah property to this day.

Any consideration to purchase St George, Utah property must take into account the education opportunities. St George is home to the Dixie State College of Utah that offers four-year courses. The city also boasts three high schools; Pine View High School, Dixie High School and Snow Canyon High School. There are also a number of elementary and middle schools. With the fast growth of the city, plans for new schools are already being finalized.

A fast growing city with a sound education system is what St George can offer. People are moving quickly to grab any St George, Utah property that is available. More than one family wants to make it their home. From the beautiful vistas to the rich history it is not hard to see why.