St George Utah New Home

St. George, Utah new home sales are really getting going this year, and there are a lot of good reasons for it!  But before you jump into the deep end of Utah real estate, there are a few things you need to know.  Not a lot of people can pay for a new home in cash, you will probably have to seek finance for your new home.  There are also a lot of things to know about the market before you buy which will determine whether or not your property will be a good investment.  Whether you are looking to buy to live in or buy to rent out, you can find plenty of incredible investments in St. George.

The first step you need to take when looking at a St. George, Utah new home is securing proper finance.  This is something you need to do before you even start looking at new properties.  Having proper finance at your back when you make an offer can mean the difference between your offer being accepted or declined.  Avoid “subprime” mortgages – mortgages at high rates that might be offered to you if you do not have a good enough credit score.  These can trap you in years of unnecessary debt when you could have secured a mortgage from a bank if you took a little more time to research your options.

When you first start looking for a St. George, Utah new home sale, you should familiarize yourself with the entire area first.  Drive up and down all of the main streets and see how far they go before they reach areas that you would not like to live near to.  If you have children, find out where all of the best schools in the area are, and what their zones are, and then use this to narrow your search criteria.  Try to narrow your criteria as much as possible, because there are so many homes for sale that if you wanted to look at them all it would take too long!

When you make an offer on a St. George, Utah new home, always put in lower than you can afford.  This way if a counter offer is presented that is higher than your own, you can easily match it.  Home sellers and realtors are much more likely to go with the first buyer who expressed an interest, especially if their finance is already available.  Remember, do not be fooled by “pre-approved” loans – pre-approval is a credit marketing term and will not hold any sway with home sellers!

When your offer on your offer on your St. George, Utah new home is accepted remember to hire a respected estate agent to take control of all transfer procedures.  These can cause countless headaches and spoil the bliss of owning a brand new home.  Remember that buying a home should be cause for celebration, so spend the little bit extra and have all of the tedious stuff taken care of for you!